Richard Lockley

Mr. Lockley is a seasoned professional with a 30-year proven track record providing strategic, tactical, and analytical advice to corporations, law firms and government institutions. He develops practical, fact-based recommendations to help clients build capabilities and explore opportunities for reaching current objectives and future goals.

Mr. Lockley’s skill set includes financial analyses and financial modeling using DCF valuation, economic profit, option pricing model, CAPM, NPV, IRR, EVA, growth model, moving average, trend analysis, ratio analysis, multiples, regression analysis, statistical analysis, sensitivity analysis and scenarios modeling; business analyses including sales analysis, return on investment (ROI), recoupment analysis, profitability analysis, and product analysis; and strategic planning, operations, and workflow analysis.

Prior to Sawney Associates, Mr. Lockley was a forensic economist and financial consultant to law firms to help determine loss damages in a variety of litigation matters. Mr. Lockley has also held positions with boutique management consulting firms, Banc of America Securities, Bank of America, Quaker Oats, and Time, Inc.

Richard received his MBA from The University of Chicago.